Yep, I said it, and I said it while living in the very same World you currently live in, where random people with random nice ideas can raise tens of millions of dollars or pounds or anything, really. Could even be Haribos, too. Although I had incredibly bright ideas, I executed dick. Since I was a teenager I have […]

There is always that free stock photo that looks professional but you’ve seen it used on different blogs. How can a Featured image be featured on so many articles? Where is the originality of the content produced? Eyeballs Favour Pictures Over Text Following a bunch of studies and facts, the Internet actors realised the importance of […]

If only I had known. I would have still done it, but I would have prepared myself better. When I decided to make the leap and start building my own little company over a year ago, I had an idea of what the future months were going to be. Yet, when you start your business and […]

On my main WordPress website, Breeding Business, I enabled user registrations to slowly move towards building a community. The move was invisible to the users, they just opted in for a freebie and it automatically created their user account and added them to my mailing list, ActiveCampaign. The Problem In the hours following the activation […]

Christmas 2015, we’re on December 23 and I get home, go to bed and check my traffic stats for the day that’s just ending. A massive fall in numbers. I panic and I feel like it’s not just about the festive period, there’s more to it. Let’s see what traffic acquisition channel has dropped… Google! […]