Amazon Associates Link Builder WordPress Plugin Discontinued – Best Alternatives to AALB

Amazon Associates is discontinuing its WordPress Plugin called “Amazon Associates Link Builder WordPress Plugin”. They sent an email to associates informing them of the timeline.

Affiliate marketers around the world probably received an email that looks like the below, with a worrying subject line “IMPORTANT – Discontinuation of AALB by March 9, 2020”. And important it is indeed.

Example of an email sent to Amazon Associates about the discontinuation of their affiliate plugin.

Basically, they are stopping the maintenance of the plugin used to easily add tagged affiliate links on our niche websites. It was not a perfect plugin, a lot of people found it not to be working whatsoever, but for the most part, it worked fine on my websites. Worst, existing links created using the plugin will stop working from March 9, 2020. This is short notice so marketers have to transition quickly.

An associate mentioned that he contacted the support about potential replacements. They let him know that no WordPress-specific software is in the pipeline. The support directed him to third-party commercial Amazon Affiliates plugins without recommending any.

So, here are some options for you to pick from.

Amazon Affiliates for WordPress

Click here for a LIVE DEMO.

A great paid plugin for Amazon Associates worldwide. It is well maintained and compatible with Amazon Product Advertising API’s latest version 5. This plugin requires no programming skills on your part. You even have a 30-day moneyback guarantee to easily try it out and make your mind yourself with very little risk.

AAWP offers a templating system that allows you to change the layout of product boxes, links, and lists. The discontinued plugin from Amazon themselves had a templating system and many website owners use templates to have affiliate content flow well with their editorial content.

Furthermore, Amazon Affiliates for WordPress boasts a whole bunch of cool and useful features:

  • Available with Amazon Partner Networks (.com,, .ca, etc)
  • Mobile-friendly layouts
  • Automatic geotargeting
  • Ordering of product lists
  • Event Tracking for Google Analytics users
  • Support for Google AMP
  • Caching enabled for faster rendering
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite

There is a lot more so check out their feature page. Their pricing is very reasonable for affiliate marketers who are serious about their business:

  • €39 for 1 website
  • €99 for 3 websites
  • €199 for 10 websites
  • €299 for 25 websites

All pricing plans include a year of automatic updates and support from their excellent team. Additionally, you’ll receive an automatic 50% renewal discount on the price plan for the subsequent years.

Amazon Associates SiteStripe

For affiliate marketers on a shoestring budget, there is another option you may prefer: SiteStripe. This is a free set of tools that allow you, on any give Amazon page, to create an affiliate link code that you can then add on your website. Links can be of a few types:

  • Text – the link’s URL itself, without any formatting or HTML (either shortened or regular)
  • Image – an HTML linked image code (small, medium, or large)
  • Text+Image – a product box with price, title, image, and a button
  • Native Shopping Ads Cards – a much better-looking product card
Amazon Associates Native Shopping Ads Cards
Example of what you can see on when creating a Native Shopping Ads Card as an Amazon associate.

All of these can be augmented for international sales by using the Amazon OneLink’s javascript code snippet. It automatically tries to find product links found on the page your visitor is browsing, and match them with the user’s local Amazon’s website. You need to provide your tags and references for all the foreign Amazon websites you are an affiliate with.

One could argue that using Amazon’s own tools such as Product Cards is safer since all creative control is delegated to them. It may be easier for a lot of marketers who are not technical, but it may be a problem for people who want things to look a certain way.

What Are You Going To Do?

What is your next move in order to replace the now-discontinued and soon-to-be-dead Amazon Link Builder WordPress Plugin?

Personally, I will experiment as soon as possible by replacing some existing product links with Native Shopping Cards, and others with AAWP boxes. That way, I can check results and compare click-through rates to then choose one over the other for the entire website.

Over the last few years, I have been using three different WordPress plugins for creating Amazon affiliate links, and I am getting a little tired of switching again. It takes a lot of time to go through hundreds of blog posts and change every single link. So this time, if the CTR is good, I may just go with Amazon’s SiteStripe. Something I never thought I would ever come to do!

2 responses for Amazon Associates Link Builder WordPress Plugin Discontinued – Best Alternatives to AALB

  1. Steve says:

    Getting this email from Amazon is a nightmare for me. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about the hundreds of instances where I’ve used the AALB plugin on my website. This is a disaster! I’ve not got a MASSIVE job ahead of me to somehow replace every instance of this plugin with an alternative.

    How would you suggest replacing code like the AALB’s carousel option below?

    [amazon_link asins=’B08352W2JP,B07W4BFDHP,B07VVY1P7V’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’MYID’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4aae390b-56e9-11e7-b12e-534094b34fb3′]

    • @lazharichir says:

      I believe you would need to do each change manually as whatever new solution you will use must call their new PA-API.

      I feel your pain, I also have thousands of individual shortcodes to change, on roughly 250 blog posts. I am currently trying out Native Shopping Ads’ Cards to see how they perform, and will then try a few other plugins.

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