Ideas Are Worth Nothing More Than Their Execution

Yep, I said it, and I said it while living in the very same World you currently live in, where random people with random nice ideas can raise tens of millions of dollars or pounds or anything, really. Could even be Haribos, too.

Although I had incredibly bright ideas, I executed dick.

Since I was a teenager I have had so many ideas myself. Some groundbreaking as they are today at the heart of billion dollar businesses, others silly, and for the rest, they were usually illegal or unrealistic so I don’t even try to remember them.

But you see, the issue here is that since all these years and all these awesome ideas I have had — I made zero fucking dollar, pound, or haribo. The reason why is simple, although I had incredibly bright ideas, I executed dick.

Execution Is Everything

Let’s put it in a cute wannabe inspirational quote-card-worthy sentence: a bad idea well executed is worth more than a wonderful idea badly executed. This is why some people, like I used to be, think of themselves very highly because they came up with a super concept, do not do it because they came up with another even more awesome concept, and then congratulate themselves because a good executioner made it, and is now successful.

No one owns any idea. Yep, nobody owns an idea. So those who excel at finding great opportunities should focus a lot less on polishing them, and actually executing one of them. All in.

Fuck Working On Several Ideas

Too many just try to multitask outrageously just to feel busy. This is not the point guys, take that fucking project of yours, bring it to the top, and once it is there, start working on a second one.

Remember that 20% of your efforts generate 80% of the results, so all the polishing is sexy but it is a massive time waster.

There are too many average businesses out there, and these are destined to die. You need to be obsessed by your business idea. You need to not fucking sleep, not because you want to tell your friends how hard you work, but because you want to fucking make it work.

Just Do It

The swoosh said it, so now, just do it.

And as business owners, we know how time is the most valuable asset because when you start making shit, you need as much time as possible to make as much shit as possible.

If ideas and plans are your only currency, get the hell out of the business world and go buy brushes and canvas.